4 speed chassis
  • I have a lwb 4 speed chassis for sale. It has no engine but is otherwise complete except for the osf hub. I found this in a barn locally, dry stored for at least the last ten years and recovered it as the owner, who was into old citroens, didn't,t know what to do with it. He had had a Hafi many years ago and this came with it, but he put it at the back of his barn and forgot about it. If it's of any interest I am happy for it to go to a club member for what I paid for it. There are no wheels but the three good hubs all have drums on. If no one wants it I will break it and sell off the box and diff separately as they will probably sell for more individually. It's in my garage in York at present, so still dry stored. By all means pm me or call, my number is on the club membership list.
  • John, I can't remember if your spare is 4 or 5 speed. If the cover plate on the front is diagonal it's a 5 speed, if it's horizontal it's a 4. I would suggest that the box and diff you have are probably in better condition than the ones on my spare chassis. Having said that, for anyone else, they are certainly recoverable and much easier to work on when they are disassembled from the rest of the gubbins.
  • Have put this up for sale on a well known auction site. 31 watching so far and lots of emails, there must be an awful lot of Hafis in bits waiting for parts. When they all get on the road we will be having ginormous Trefffens.

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