Ignition Light Problem
  • Thanks john, i thought that might be one possible source of the problem. And i am aware of the company who make the regulators you mention. And yes it does stsrt, and run very well.
  • So here is an update. Dynastart - brushes changed, half worn but were probably ok. Regulator - changed. Guess what - the igntion light is still on. No amount of reving makes any difference. What next ?? There can,t be much else to change. Anybody got any more ideas please?
  • Thanks to Sir John of Darn Sarf for identifying that it was my Dynastart that was faulty. Replaced with a spare and now the little red light responds very nicely to engine speed. At tickover, which is a little low, it just glows dimly and soon disappears when the revs increase. So for those of you absent members, you really should try to get to a club meeting. The help and advice from the Club Wizards is free and willingly given, it might just be what you need to get your beast back on its legs.

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