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  • Thanks John Ill add photos when I get her home.
  • Thanks for that Barry Ill take a look :
  • Hi Jock
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to u but I have just noticed I had mail.
    It would be great to talk to someone who had done one or two of these before hand.
    I was in the process of pulling the body of to have quite a few repairs sorted and new ones done.
    I have had the enjine running and all seems well.
    This summer seems to be a very busy one with shows and copetitions on so being spending a lot of time on my other toys but that should get quiter soon and I can spend more time on her.
    Where about are you? im at DD4 if you are down this way at all with time on your hands give me a call and you can pop in. As I say it would be great to talk to someone that knows a about these hafies.
    My number is 07976729833
    Regards Alan
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