Polycab window rubbers
  • I am still looking for a scrap Polycab to buy. I particularly want the moulded window rubbers so if anyone has either new (fat chance) or undamaged used I would be interested. I particularly need the drivers side (rh) moulding. My inserts and the runner channel are ok, it's the rubber that has gone.
    Nigel (of York)
  • Herewith a photo on my spare polycab
    1200 x 898 - 236K
  • Have spoken to Julian and we are in discussion but would still be interested if anyone has any Polycab spares and in particular the door window rubbers.
  • John, I already bought the rubbers from autoquariat and the profile is ok but it is a straight length, not a moulded piece like the original. I did get the very sharp modelling knife out and have modified so it does fit better. However, I also have a spare cab now and when I get the time will swap over the rubbers.
    Thanks for the suggestions though.

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