Pinz 712 LPG Conversion
  • I've just acquired a Pinz 6x6 and one of the improvements I'm considering is an LPG Conversion.

    Is this something people do? What is the mpg on Lpg? I have an ambulance body so where is the best place for the tank? the petrol tank has already been enlarged into the adjacent storage locker. Also does anybody know the current cost and a good person to do it?

    I know I've snuck in quite a few questions here but any info would really be appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I assumed it would be a common mod. but obviously not. What mpg do you get on the road at cruising speed? Are there many Pinzgauers in the UK? Is there an English "workshop manual"? Sorry about all the questions :-)
  • Hi Triple7, Pinzmeister is still having problems with hs computer so he has sent you an Email. Regards Pete
  • Thanks Pete, he emailed me yesterday but I am guessing he is still having problems As he hasn't replied to my email. Can I message you my mobile phone number to pass on to him? Cheers Rory
  • There is no real rush, I was actually more keen on getting the work shop Manuel. Is it available for download or just on cd? It would be handy to get that asap. I will send you my number but I'm probably going to be out of signal for a lot of today and tomorrow. Thanks Pete
  • Hi Triple7, Thanks for your number, Pinzmeister will ring you when sorted LPG price,I will PM you his mobile number incase he can't get through to you, his phone is all ways on. he has got workshop manuals on CD, when you talk to him he will let you know the price of the CD as well Regards Pete

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