• Hi David, Welcome to the Forum, no rules as such on selling on the site, just a word of advice it is best not to put personal phone numbers, Email addresses etc on your advert, people can contact you by clicking on ' send David65 a message ' hope this helps, look forward to more details about your Dads Haf' Regards Pete ( Admin )
  • rsz_1haflinger_front re.jpg
    885 x 583 - 119K
    rsz_haflinger_inside re.jpg
    592 x 883 - 109K
    rsz_haflinger_inside1_3 re.jpg
    889 x 600 - 118K
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  • Is it still for sale.
  • Hi Northener, still for sale , I have messaged you the contact details for my Dad who is selling it.

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