Polycab window seal issue
  • Some of you will know that my Polycab has the annoying habit of dumping my door glasses in my lap when I am driving. So after Dersingham I decided that new window rubber was required. I found that Robert Protchki was selling the rubber profile and the flexible beading that is supposed to anchor everything in place, so two sets now supplied. I have installed the main profile, but because it is large in section, at the curves the excess bulges out. This clearly cannot be right. The old one was flat all the way round. Is there a magic trick to getting it to flatten out. I can,t see where the extra rubber can go. Is it like heat shrink if I apply some heat will it shrink? And getting the lock trim into the inside groove looks like being a three man job if at all possible. Help please Professors and Wizards, what is the trick with these.

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