New Gallery Photos
  • Ok, so this is just a new thread to tell people that there are some new photos in the gallery.

    You can add your photos, then add a comment here so people will know something has changed! 

    3 x new photos in Lurch's gallery. Rear Tilt.

    (and Lurch of course)
  • Thanks John for your Posting, what a good idea, even I don't look at the Gallery every day.   Regards Pete
  • I have added another 2 pictures to Lurch's album. They are the ones relating to the rear tilt. Done a few more things to it. Rear flap is sort of sorted, Glue might not hold, but I'll sort that when it needs it.
    The rear bumper has had a kink in it ever since I have owned Lurch, so I though today I would see if I could straighten it, seems to have worked!

  • Just posted a couple of pictures from the Dutch Treffen 2016 in the Dutch Treffen album.
  • Just posted a picture in Lurch's album showing the broken Carb manifold. You can just make out my temporary repair, a silver /red blanking plate on the exhaust connection and a cork stuffed in the hole under the carb!

  • Hello to all,
    Join joined and am very happy to be a member of this forum. Having looked through some of the gallery photos, I am particularly drawn to the photos of the green Polycab DoKa. I have seen photos of an extended Polycab previously but never a true double cabin version. Additional photos, especially of the interior of the cabin would be most appreciated!

    Take and all

    Jim Molloy
    Waldersee Farm
    Sheridan, Oregon USA
    Northwest MogFest
    Haflingertreffen Nordamerika
    Waldersee Farm Haflinger Rescue Ranch
    MVPA Steyr-Puch Haflinger Technical Advisor

  • Hi Jim, IIRC there was a long article in the UK Club magazine a couple of years ago, describing how he made it. From memory it was a very proficient merging of two cabs. Sadly I no longer have the magazine, but someone else may well be able to send you a scan?

    Best Regards, Julian

    PS Did you get my website message re: NWMF?
  • Hi Jim, welcome to the Forum, my brother ' Pinzmeister ' built the Doka or as we call it the Double Cab from a Polycab Haflinger that we have owned for many years, as he is the Magazine Editor for the Club he has the master copy of the Mag' with the Double Cab build article in it, I will get him to scan it and Email you a copy, failing that he could post you the actual Magazine, hope this helps.                                                                     Best Regards Pete Elliott  Club Secretary
  • Julian,
    Thank you for the information. I look forward to seeing the details of that build. Beautifully done!
    I do not recall seeing anything come through the NWMF website. We have been having some problems with the site and the site manager is busy preparing for a move back to the Pacific Northwest after a five year stint with Intel in Germany. I will test its functionality today and pass the word on. Feel free to contact me directly via walderse at viclink dot com.

    Anything you can send this way would be most appreciated. For the past several years, I have been nursing our 1973 703APK Polycab back to life. Do you know if Constantin has seen this article? Whenever possible, I purchase magazines on eBay that contain Haflinger articles. Just found one yesterday. an obscure Canadian auto magazine from 1966. For a vehicle with a relatively small production run, these little trucks seemed to get their fair share of press coverage.

    Take and all.

    Jim Molloy
    Waldersee Farm
    Sheridan, Oregon (will test its function now)

  • Added another 3 photos of the repair I ended up doing on the pre-heat pipe on Lurch;s Carb manifold. The initial pipe fitting in the hole is nice and straight, but when it was brazed in it moved! Had to "adjust" the rest of the pipe work to make it match!
    All working now!

  • Put 3 pictures up of Lurch doing a stage at a recent trial. Julian took the photos as he came to see what happens a local trials taking place just up the road from where he lives.I missed the first gate due to the soft surface and side slope. The Haf started sliding and felt like it was going to roll, So I turned down the hill which took me through the gate marker. Fail!
    Still great fun to take part.
  • Three more pictures from recent trials which lurch took part in.

  • Another photo added to Lurch's gallery - see if you can guess which one!

  • Couple more pictures added.
  • Now we have finished moving house, I have unearthed a lot of historical Haf photos, mainly in B&W, I have put one on the gallery..However I see the front has been cut off, so I will have to repost. I'll get some more up when I have chance to scan the negatives. The majority of them were given to me by Peter Bolton, who was the MD of Daimler Steyr Puch in the U.K.  Peter sadly died earlier this year.
  • Latest...... Tonkatoy has added more photos, now 56......; Pete
  • 3 more photo's of Lurch

  • Latest......  heinkeljb has added more photos, now 58.....        Pete
  • More pictures if anybody is interested.

  • Hi John, all ways interested in more photos, I'm sure other forum members have lots but just don't post them     Pete

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