QE2 Bridge charge / DART
  • Just registered for the DART charge, and added several vehicles to my account. Interestingly my SWB gets allocated class B (as per a standard car), but my LWB gets allocated class C (small commercial). Not sure of this is due to the length or something on the V5.

    Has anyone else come across this? Almost inevitably an academic question for me as the chances of actually driving a Haf over the bridge is slim to say the least :D
  • I'm only guessing but I should think its something to do with what it says on your vehicles V5, can't imagine its the length there's only 9 inches difference, maybe other Forum Members may know.      Pete
  • I would dispute the banding charge on your LWB, it is still a standard car as far as their categories go - no way does it have more than two axles or weigh in as a heavy goods vehicle!

    I like the way they state a moped (49cc) can use the tunnel and yet there are signs up at the crossing which prohibit such vehicles! 

    Dispute the silly thing here:-


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