Body to engine weather seal
  • Hi guys , I have just bought the body to engine weather seal strip , my Haflinger didn't have one when I bought it, does it clip onto the body panel and seal against engine tinware or the opposite way round , or another way to explain it does the seal stay attached to the body or the engine when the engine is removed, a photo of how it should fit would be great, also just got a set of the Maloya tyres, I fitted them this morning , quality looks pretty good .
  • Thanks for the reply John,
    I understand what you saying, my body work does not have the channel for the rubber to slide in, but that's no problem now I know which way to fit it ,it might make it easier to fit, and I look forward to driving the haflinger with the wondering tyres. Cheers
  • Hi John,
    What I'm doing is rebuilding an early MK 1, 1962, I have rebuilt and modified the engine,rebuilt all the running gear and gearbox, and fitted a new platform, I still have the battery box ,fuel tank , and toolbox to repair, the nose cone and wind screen also need a fair bit of welding, I enjoy doing the mechanics, but hate doing body work , that's why the build has slowed down, It's not meant to be a show haffy it will be in regular use on and off road and for collecting fire wood,
    Regards Clive
  • Hi Julian,
    The body identity plate says1962, and it was first registered in May 63, So yours must also have the front cab welded to the bodywork ?
    Regards Clive
  • Hi Julian ,
    I live in Stourport on Severn , near Worcester I will be attending some of the haflinger club events this year even if it's not finished, I will have to be a spectator ,
    Regards Clive.

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