Its that time of the year so why not an old Chestnut
  • Thanks John, i knew you would have some helpful info. I shall be out in the garage again tomorrow. I got totally frustrated this afternoon. Why does it all have to be so complicated. I thought old cars were supposed to be easy to work on. I will report back later.

  • Current situation is that brake light fault was a bad connection behind the dash. Handbrake lever has been adjusted so its not round my ears when on. My mot garage opens on monday after the hols and will book it in for this wed if poss as i have a free day then. In the mean time i have to find another transfer box for my lr90 as it made lots of nasty noises during a trial last sunday. Oh i do so love working on old cars.
    I will report back after mot.
    Nigel of Penury.
  • Its definitely the transfer box. The main gearbox is ok. And trust me,as soon as i have an mot i will be showing the land rovers in my trialling club what haf can do.
  • Thanks John, i knew you would know. I am off to York tomorrow so will visit the local vw agent or partco.

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